Ms9540 как отключить codegate
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Ms9540 как отключить codegate

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Ms9540 как отключить codegate


Honeywell MS9540-38-3 Configuration Guide

Honeywell MS9540-38-3 — Metrologic MS9540 VoyagerCG Manual

Honeywell MS9540-38-3 manual content summary:

    MetroSelect® Single-Line Scanner Configuration Guide
    .com Trademarks Omniplanar, MetroSet2, Metrologic, MetroSelect, RangeGate, CodeGate, CodeSelect, Voyager, VoyagerCG, VoyagerBT and Focus are trademarks or registered trademarks of Metrologic Instruments, Inc. or Honeywell International Inc. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks or registered
    Supplements 3-1 GS1 Databar 4-1 GS1 Databar Limited 4-2 GS1 Databar Expanded 4-2 ISBT Code 128 Implementation Configuration Mode 5-1 Concatenation Configuration Mode 5-2 Pre-Defined Concatenation Configuration Mode 5-2 User-Defined Concatenation Configuration Mode 5-3 Communications 6-1 iii
    Data Transmission Delays 7-6 Communication Timeout Options 7-7 Host Scanner Commands 7-8 Test Modes 7-10 Prefixes/Suffixes User Configurable Prefixes, All Data 8-1 User Configurable ID Characters, Code Specific 8-2 Standard Prefix Characters 8-4 Standard Suffix Characters 8-6 Longitudinal
    Rate 10-1 Data/Stop Bits 10-2 Hardware Handshaking 10-2 Software Handshaking 10-4 Miscellaneous 10-5 Keyboard Enable Keyboard Emulation 11 11-7 OCIA 12-1 Light Pen Parameters 13-1 Set Narrow Element Width 13-2 RS485 Configuration IBM Port 14-1 IBM Reserve Codes 14-1 USB 15-1 Code Bytes
    20-1 Inventory Quantity Bar Codes 20-3 IS4125 and IS4225 Scan Engines 21-1 IS4823 and IS4825 Scan Engines 22-1 Operating Modes 22-1 Miscellaneous Features Custom Defaults 23-1 Serial Program Mode 23-2 Customer Support 24-1 Technical Assistance 24-1 Product Service and Repair 24-2 vi
    Method and the Multi-Code Method. Note: To properly configure an MS9540 scanner, all configuration codes must be scanned using the CodeGate® option. Single-Code Method Most features can be enabled or disabled using the Single-Code Method. 1. Power-up the scanner. 2. Scan the bar code for the desired
    to its factory default communication protocol. Keyboard Wedge interface scanners will load keyboard wedge defaults. All other scanners load RS232 defaults. Note: Honeywell manufactures several products for OEM applications. These OEM products are configured with custom OEM defaults, which may use
    descriptions marked with an asterisk ( * ) define a feature that is a factory default. Bar codes marked with a tilde (

Code Length Lock #2

Code Type Lock #2

Code Length Lock #3

Code Type Lock #3

Code Length Lock #4

Code Type Lock #4


Code Length Lock #5

Code Type Lock #5

Code Length Lock #6

Configurable Airline 2 of 5 ID ‡ ³ 906500

Configurable MSI Plessey ID ‡ ³ 907000

Configurable UK Plessey ID ‡ ³ 906600

Configurable Suffix Character #9 — Assigns a ninth configurable suffix character. ³ 905400

Enable Reserved Code — Contact Honeywell for information about this feature. ³ 999987


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