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Js adware subprop y что это


JS/Adware.Subprop.E is a heuristic [1] detection name given an adware app that might have accessed your PC without permission. Adware belongs to a category of potentially unwanted programs that use deceptive distribution techniques and install components that would display popups, fleshing windows, in-text links, banners, and other types of ads on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, or another web browser.

Since JS/Adware.Subprop.E virus name is generic, it means that many differently-named apps can be detected as such. Antivirus programs provide such names to unwanted apps based on their behavior rather than other factors, such as the signature of the installer. A “JS” part stands for JavaScript, [2] which means that malicious JS files could be populated on various sites and would otherwise attempt to load an ad or, in some cases, download files to your computer automatically.

Name JS/Adware.Subprop.E
Type Adware, potentially unwanted program
Distribution Software bundles, third-party websites, deceptive ads, fake Flash Player updates
Symptoms Symptoms are not universal. If adware managed to get into your device, you might see changed browser settings, increased number of ads, slow browser loading times, etc.
Dangers Adware can significantly decrease the performance of the internet and browser speed, redirect to potentially malicious websites, prevent finding relevant information due to ads, result in additional PUP infections and monetary losses
Elimination To get rid of unwanted apps manually, you can follow our removal guide below. If the unwanted ads and other disruptive behavior does not stop, you should scan your computer with security software and delete all threats automatically
Further steps Malware or adware infections can diminish the performance of your computer or cause serious stability issues. Use Reimage Intego to remediate your device and ensure that the virus damage is fixed

Although adware is not considered to be as dangerous as, for example, a Trojan or ransomware, it is still a security threat, so you should immediately proceed with JS/Adware.Subprop.E removal if your security software has flagged it. If you cannot quarantine the malicious file with your currently-installed anti-malware, we suggest you try SpyHunter 5 Combo Cleaner or Malwarebytes.

Adware’s operation on the computer may vary, as there are hundreds of thousands of different programs available, and new ones are developed every day. Some might merely change your web browser settings and append a customized search engine, while others might establish persistence by modifying the Windows registry or other Windows components. In some cases, security software is not capable of fixing Windows system files, so we recommend using Reimage Intego to avoid operational problems after a malware infection.

There are several ways of how JS/Adware.Subprop.E adware could spread around the internet. Experts claim that the following methods are used most frequently:

  • software bundles;
  • deceptive ads;
  • fake updates.

In general, there are various scenarios when you could encounter a warning from your security software. If you attempted to download an app from an unsolicited source, you could have received a pop-up from your anti-virus, claiming that JS/Adware.Subprop.E is attempting to penetrate your system.

In other cases, the warning could show up after you got redirected to a malicious website. This could also mean two things: either you clicked on a suspicious link/visited a malicious site, or you already have adware installed on your machine (which is causing these redirects).

JS/Adware.Subprop.E virus

JS/Adware.Subprop.E is a heuristic detection name given potential threats by various security vendors

The problem with generic detections is that they suffer from a high number of false-positives and JS/Adware.Subprop.E is not an exception. Quite often, users say that they were attempting to download a fully legitimate application from the developer’s official website, and they received a warning from their security tool. Mistakes happen because security apps mistakenly detect some patterns that might be considered suspicious, hence the false-positives.

Therefore, you should not immediately remove JS/Adware.Subprop.E if you believe that the file you were downloading is safe. Instead, update your anti-malware, or scan it with an alternative engine. Do not forget that each of the detections should not be ignored and investigated fully.

If it turned out that JS/Adware.Subprop.E virus is not a false positive, get rid of it immediately by sending it to quarantine and then removing it from the system immediately.

Adware can be spread in many different ways

Adware is a part of the potentially unwanted program category, and it is called so for a reason. Previously called spyware, adware managed to get itself a name within the software development and distribution business. Since, due to legal reasons, such programs cannot be called “malware,” security vendors use this name in order to warn its users about some potentially dangerous or unwanted features that the app can bring after the installation. This is why keeping up-to-date security software on the computer is so important.

All in all, you should avoid adware like a plague, as its functionality is very limited, if not useless. In the meantime, you would get ads, ads everywhere! In the background, such apps are there to spy on your online, so you are risking your privacy as well. Thus, prevent the unintentional installation of adware with the help of these tips from novirus.uk [3] security experts:

  • Try to avoid third-party websites when downloading new software;
  • Never download pirated programs or software cracks – these might result in the installation of malware, such as Agho ransomware;
  • During the installation, always opt for Advanced/Custom settings instead of Recommended/Quick ones;
  • Remove the ticks from pre-ticked checkboxes;
  • Read the fine print;
  • Watch out for misplaced buttons and deceptive offers.
Remove JS/Adware.Subprop.E if it is not a false positive

JS/Adware.Subprop.E removal can sometimes be perfumed manually – especially if you know which program is responsible for unwanted behavior. If you are unaware of how to uninstall programs from your computer, please follow the instructions we provide below. Also, after you get rid of adware, it is advised you also clean your web browsers by deleting cookies and other web data. You can also reset Chrome or other affected browsers if necessary.

If you received a popup from your security software seemingly out of nowhere, you should remove JS/Adware.Subprop.E virus immediately, as it might mean that a malicious script is trying to break in. Alternatively, if you are unable to delete the infection with your current anti-malware software, we suggest you rely on alternatives.

Finally, if you suspect that JS/Adware.Subprop.E is a false positive, you should update definitions of your security software and the app in question (if it is already installed). If nothing works, add the app as exclusion or contact the security vendor to fix the issue for you.

You may remove virus damage with a help of Reimage Intego . SpyHunter 5 Combo Cleaner and Malwarebytes are recommended to detect potentially unwanted programs and viruses with all their files and registry entries that are related to them.

EsetIpBlacklist.A (Попытка использования уязвимости в системе) и другое (заявка № 227913)

Junior Member РепутацияРегистрация 11.05.2015 Адрес Астрахань. Сообщений 18 Вес репутации 29

EsetIpBlacklist.A (Попытка использования уязвимости в системе) и другое

Здравствуйте. Помогите пожалуйста разобраться и если надо решить проблемы.
Несколько месяцев назад в Eset Internet Security начались сообщения Защиты сети о Попытка использования уязвимости в системе.

06.10.2022, 14.11.2022, 19.11.2022, 27.11.2022;
Попытка использования уязвимости в системе безопасности; Заблокировано;

Объект:;;;; IP серые\CGNAT.
TCP; EsetIpBlacklist.A

Также EIS блокировал следующие угрозы, какие-то давно а некоторые недавно. Систему проверял вроде все чисто, не куда не перенаправляет в браузере.

HTML/ScrInject.B троянская программа
HTML/Refresh.BC троянская программа
JS/Adware.Subprop.Y приложение
JS/Adware.Agent.AF приложение

  • CollectionLog-2022.12.02-14.28.zip (53.4 Кб, 1 просмотров)

Надоело быть жертвой? Стань профи по информационной безопасности, получай самую свежую информацию об угрозах и средствах защиты от ведущего российского аналитического центра Anti-Malware.ru:

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Уважаемый(ая) GethPrime, спасибо за обращение на наш форум!

Помощь при заражении компьютера на VirusInfo.Info оказывается абсолютно бесплатно. Хелперы, в самое ближайшее время, ответят на Ваш запрос. Для оказания помощи необходимо предоставить логи сканирования утилитой Autologger, подробнее можно прочитать в правилах оформления запроса о помощи.


Если вы хотите получить персональную гарантированную помощь в приоритетном режиме, то воспользуйтесь платным сервисом Помогите+.

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Загрузите, распакуйте на Рабочий стол и запустите SecurityCheck by glax24 & Severnyj.
Запустите двойным щелчком мыши (если Вы используете Windows XP) или из меню по щелчку правой кнопки мыши Запуск от имени администратора (если Вы используете Windows Vista/7/8/10).
Если увидите предупреждение от фаервола относительно программы SecurityCheck, не блокируйте ее работу.
Дождитесь окончания сканирования, откроется лог в блокноте с именем SecurityCheck.txt;
Если Вы закрыли Блокнот, то найти этот файл можно в корне системного диска в папке с именем SecurityCheck, например C:\SecurityCheck\SecurityCheck.txt.

Приложите этот файл к своему следующему сообщению.

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Да обновлен до Я выключил антивирус до запуска SecurityCheck by glax24 & Severnyj.
Правда после санкций EIS иногда выдает: 27.11.2022 12:06:09;Обновить;Ошибка создания файла.;SYSTEM,
но обновляется потом и не каких ошибок не выдает и лицензия через некоторое время слетает, приходится каждый раз добавлять вручную, по информации в личном кабинете с официального сайта Eset такая проблема есть.

Скрытый текст

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Я имею ввиду, что базы устарели.

У Вас, как я понял, компьютер не закрыт файрволом роутера. Так что от сканирования и попыток применения эксплоитов защищает Eset, и предупреждает о них. Тут только отключить уведомления.

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А я так понял что ничего критического не обнаружено? Интернет напрямую кабель в компьютер, в лк билайн включена их защита на средний уровень.

А что делать вот с этим, все чисто или лучше создать новую тему?
HTML/ScrInject.B, HTML/Refresh.BC, JS/Adware.Subprop.Y, JS/Adware.Agent.AF.

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Сайт довольно стрёмный, но, кажется не столь опасный. Может, и перебдел Eset, сложно сказать. У virustotal претензий к этому адресу нет.

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  • AdwCleaner[S00].txt (4.7 Кб, 1 просмотров)
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Так радуйтесь, что антивирус блочит. Хороший тон — завести отдельные учётки для членов семьи, права администратора не давать.

Если Вы уже закрыли приложение, запустите повторное сканирование в Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, установите в пункте меню "Настройки" (Settings) дополнительно к отмеченным по умолчанию галочку "Сбросить политики Chrome (Reset Chrome Policies".
Затем нажмите Карантин (Quarantine) под списком найденного. Программа может предложить перезагрузить систему, сделайте тогда это.

Как удалить Adware.JS.Agent.Q (рекламное ПО)

устанавливается на ваш компьютер вместе с бесплатными программами. Этот способ можно назвать «пакетная установка». Бесплатные программы предлагают вам установить дополнительные модули (Adware.JS.Agent.Q). Если вы не отклоните предложение установка начнется в фоне. Adware.JS.Agent.Q копирует свои файлы на компьютер. Обычно это файл (randomname).dll. Иногда создается ключ автозагрузки с именем Adware.JS.Agent.Q и значением (randomname).dll. Вы также сможете найти угрозу в списке процессов с именем (randomname).dll или Adware.JS.Agent.Q. также создается папка с названием Adware.JS.Agent.Q в папках C:\Program Files\ или C:\ProgramData. После установки Adware.JS.Agent.Q начинает показывать реламные баннеры и всплывающую рекламу в браузерах. рекомендуется немедленно удалить Adware.JS.Agent.Q. Если у вас есть дополнительные вопросы о Adware.JS.Agent.Q, пожалуйста, укажите ниже. Вы можете использовать программы для удаления Adware.JS.Agent.Q из ваших браузеров ниже.

Скачайте утилиту для удаления

Скачайте эту продвинутую утилиту для удаления Adware.JS.Agent.Q и (randomname).dll (загрузка начнется немедленно):

* Утилита для удаления был разработан компанией EnigmaSoftware и может удалить Adware.JS.Agent.Q автоматически. Протестирован нами на Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 и Windows 10. Триальная версия Wipersoft предоставляет функцию обнаружения угрозы Adware.JS.Agent.Q бесплатно.

Функции утилиты для удаления

  • Удаляет файлы созданные Adware.JS.Agent.Q.
  • Удаляет ключи реестра созданные Adware.JS.Agent.Q.
  • Активируйте активную защиту для предотвращения заражения.
  • Решите побочные проблемы с браузерами (реклама, перенаправления).
  • Удаление гарантировано — если Wipersoft не справляется обратитесь за бесплатной поддержкой.
  • Тех. поддержка в режиме 24/7 включена в предложение.

Скачайте Spyhunter Remediation Tool от Enigma Software

Скачайте антивирусные сканер способный удалить Adware.JS.Agent.Q и (randomname).dll (загрузка начнется немедленно):

Функции Spyhunter Remediation Tool

  • Удаляет файлы созданные Adware.JS.Agent.Q.
  • Удаляет ключи реестра созданные Adware.JS.Agent.Q.
  • Устраняет браузерные проблемы.
  • «Утилита для удаления тулбаров» поможет избавиться от нежелательных дополнений.
  • Удаление гарантировано — если Spyhunter Remediation Tool не справляется обратитесь за бесплатной поддержкой.
  • Тех. поддержка в режиме 24/7 включена в предложение.

We noticed that you are on smartphone or tablet now, but you need this solution on your PC. Enter your email below and we’ll automatically send you an email with the downloading link for Adware.JS.Agent.Q Removal Tool, so you can use it when you are back to your PC.

Наша служба тех. поддержки удалит Adware.JS.Agent.Q прямо сейчас!

Здесь вы можете перейти к:

Как удалить Adware.JS.Agent.Q вручную

Проблема может быть решена вручную путем удаления файлов, папок и ключей реестра принадлежащих угрозе Adware.JS.Agent.Q. Поврежденные Adware.JS.Agent.Q системные файлы и компоненты могут быть восстановлены при наличии установочного пакета вашей операционной системы.

Чтобы избавиться от Adware.JS.Agent.Q, необходимо:

1. Остановить следующие процессы и удалить соответствующие файлы:

Предупреждение: нужно удалить только файлы с именами и путями указанными здесь. В системе могут находится полезные файлы с такими же именами. Мы рекомендуем использовать утилиту для удаления Adware.JS.Agent.Q для безопасного решения проблемы.

2. Удалить следующие вредоносные папки:

3. Удалить следующие вредоносные ключи реестра и значения:


How to remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E [Virus removal guide]

If you’re reading this post, it means that your antivirus detects the Js/Adware.Revizer.E threat. It indicates that your PC system is infected with malware, which is often installs on the computer with the free applications. You probably want to know how to get rid of any security threats as well as delete Js/Adware.Revizer.E . In the steps below we will tell you about how to solve your problems.


The Js/Adware.Revizer.E can hide itself in the PC system’s memory and files, alter some system settings and block them from changing. Also this virus may download and install: web-browser add-ons that will insert unwanted advertisements within the Firefox, Edge, Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer’s screen; a hijacker that will change internet browser’s home page and search provider.

Moreover, the Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus has the ability to collect marketing-type data about you. This user data, in the future, can be sold to third parties. What creates the risk of theft of confidential data about you

We strongly suggest you to complete the instructions which follow below. We’ll show you how to get rid of any malicious software and thus remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus from your computer forever.

How to remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus

Without a doubt, the Js/Adware.Revizer.E is harmful to your computer. So you need to quickly and completely delete this malware. To get rid of this virus, you may use the removal guidance that are given below and free malware removal tool like Zemana Free, MalwareBytes or HitmanPro (all are free). We recommend you use automatic removal way which will allow you to get rid of Js/Adware.Revizer.E easily and safely. Manual removal is best used only if you’re well versed in machine or in the case where virus is not deleted automatically. Some of the steps will require you to restart your computer or exit this web-page. So, read this instructions carefully, then bookmark this page or open it on your smartphone for later reference.

The below steps for devices using Windows, for Android phones, use How to remove virus from Android phone, and for Apple computers based on Mac OS use How to remove browser hijacker, pop-ups, ads from Mac

To remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E, complete the steps below:

Remove suspicious applications using MS Windows Control Panel

We suggest that you begin the PC system cleaning procedure by checking the list of installed programs and delete all unknown or dubious applications. This is a very important step, as mentioned above, very often the harmful software such as adware and browser hijackers may be bundled with freeware. Uninstall the unwanted apps can remove the unwanted advertisements or web-browser redirect.

Press Windows button MS Windows key, then press Search Microsoft Windows search. Type “Control panel”and press Enter. If you using Windows XP or Windows 7, then press “Start” and select “Control Panel”. It will display the Windows Control Panel as displayed in the following example.
Microsoft Windows control panel.jpg

Further, click “Uninstall a program” ControlPanel Uninstall
It will show a list of all software installed on your computer. Scroll through the all list, and delete any suspicious and unknown applications.

How to automatically remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E with Zemana

Thinking about remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus from your machine? Then pay attention to Zemana AntiMalware. This is a well-known utility, originally created just to find and delete malicious software, adware software and PUPs. But by now it has seriously changed and can not only rid you of malware, but also protect your computer from malware and adware, as well as identify and remove common viruses and trojans.

Now you can setup and use Zemana AntiMalware to remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus from your internet browser by following the steps below:

Visit the following page to download Zemana Free setup file named Zemana.AntiMalware.Setup on your PC system. Save it on your MS Windows desktop.

Run the installer after it has been downloaded successfully and then follow the prompts to set up this utility on your personal computer.

Zemana Anti Malware (ZAM) SetupWizard

During installation you can change some settings, but we suggest you don’t make any changes to default settings.

When installation is done, this malware removal tool will automatically start and update itself. You will see its main window as displayed in the following example.

Now click the “Scan” button to begin scanning your PC system for the Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus, other kinds of potential threats such as malicious software and trojans. This task may take quite a while, so please be patient.

Zemana Anti-Malware locate virus related files, folders and registry keys

Once that process is complete, it will display the Scan Results. Once you have selected what you wish to remove from your PC press “Next” button.

Zemana Free scan is finished

The Zemana Anti Malware (ZAM) will remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E related files, folders and registry keys. After the task is done, you can be prompted to restart your personal computer to make the change take effect.

Scan your personal computer and delete Js/Adware.Revizer.E with HitmanPro

Hitman Pro is a free tool which can identify Js/Adware.Revizer.E and other security threats. It’s not always easy to locate all the junk applications that your personal computer might have picked up on the Internet. Hitman Pro will search for the adware, hijacker infections and other malicious software you need to erase.

Please go to the link below to download HitmanPro. Save it on your Microsoft Windows desktop or in any other place.

Once the download is complete, open the file location. You will see an icon like below.

Double click the Hitman Pro desktop icon. After the tool is launched, you will see a screen as displayed on the screen below.

Further, press “Next” button . Hitman Pro utility will start scanning the whole system to find out Js/Adware.Revizer.E related files, folders and registry keys. When the scan get finished, Hitman Pro will open a scan report as shown below.

Review the results once the utility has complete the system scan. If you think an entry should not be quarantined, then uncheck it. Otherwise, simply click “Next” button. It will display a dialog box, press the “Activate free license” button.

Run MalwareBytes Anti Malware (MBAM) to remove virus

MalwareBytes Free for Microsoft Windows, scan for virus is finished

Remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus manually is difficult and often the virus is not completely removed. Therefore, we suggest you to use the MalwareBytes that are fully clean your machine. Moreover, the free application will help you to delete malicious software, PUPs, toolbars and adware that your machine may be infected too.

    Installing the MalwareBytes is simple. First you’ll need to download MalwareBytes on your PC system from the following link.

The following video offers a step-by-step instructions on how to delete hijackers, adware and other malicious software with MalwareBytes.

Delete Js/Adware.Revizer.E from Google Chrome

Use the Reset web browser tool of the Chrome to reset all its settings to original defaults. This is a very useful tool to use, if your computer is affected by Js/Adware.Revizer.E .

Open the Google Chrome menu by clicking on the button in the form of three horizontal dotes ( ). It will display the drop-down menu. Select More Tools, then press Extensions.

Carefully browse through the list of installed add-ons. If the list has the extension labeled with “Installed by enterprise policy” or “Installed by your administrator”, then complete the following guidance: Remove Google Chrome extensions installed by enterprise policy otherwise, just go to the step below.

Open the Chrome main menu again, press to “Settings” option.

open Chrome settings

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Advanced” link. Now scroll down until the Reset settings section is visible, as shown on the screen below and click the “Reset settings to their original defaults” button.

Chrome settings reset link

Confirm your action, press the “Reset” button.

Remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus from IE

If you find that IE internet browser settings had been affected by the Js/Adware.Revizer.E , then you may restore your settings, via the reset browser process.

First, start the Internet Explorer, then press ‘gear’ icon . It will show the Tools drop-down menu on the right part of the browser, then click the “Internet Options” as displayed in the figure below.

reset Internet Explorer tools menu

In the “Internet Options” screen, select the “Advanced” tab, then click the “Reset” button. The Microsoft Internet Explorer will open the “Reset Internet Explorer settings” dialog box. Further, press the “Delete personal settings” check box to select it. Next, click the “Reset” button as displayed on the screen below.

reset Internet Explorer settings

Once the task is complete, press “Close” button. Close the IE and restart your PC system for the changes to take effect. This step will help you to restore your web-browser’s default search engine, new tab and startpage to default state.

Remove Js/Adware.Revizer.E from Firefox

Resetting Firefox browser will reset all the settings to their original settings and will remove changes created by Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus and disable harmful addons. However, your saved passwords and bookmarks will not be changed, deleted or cleared.

First, launch the Mozilla Firefox and click button. It will display the drop-down menu on the right-part of the web browser. Further, click the Help button ( ) as on the image below.

Mozilla Firefox settings menu

Firefox troubleshooting info window

In the Help menu, select the “Troubleshooting Information” option. Another way to open the “Troubleshooting Information” screen – type “about:support” in the web-browser adress bar and press Enter. It will open the “Troubleshooting Information” page like the one below. In the upper-right corner of this screen, click the “Refresh Firefox” button.

It will open the confirmation prompt. Further, click the “Refresh Firefox” button. The Mozilla Firefox will start a task to fix your problems that caused by the Js/Adware.Revizer.E virus. After, it’s done, press the “Finish” button.

Use AdBlocker to stay safe online

Enabling an adblocker program such as AdGuard is an effective way to alleviate the risks. Additionally, adblocker applications will also protect you from unwanted advertisements and web-sites, and, of course, block redirection chain to malicious and similar web-sites.

First, visit the page linked below, then click the ‘Download’ button in order to download the latest version of AdGuard.

After downloading it, start the downloaded file. You will see the “Setup Wizard” screen like below.

adguard installer

Follow the prompts. After the installation is done, you will see a window as displayed below.

adguard installation is competed

You can click “Skip” to close the installation program and use the default settings, or press “Get Started” button to see an quick tutorial which will assist you get to know AdGuard better.

In most cases, the default settings are enough and you don’t need to change anything. Each time, when you start your personal computer, AdGuard will launch automatically and stop unwanted ads, block malicious or misleading webpages. For an overview of all the features of the program, or to change its settings you can simply double-click on the AdGuard icon, that is located on your desktop.


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