Как поменять тему в clion
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Как поменять тему в clion

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User interface themes

The interface theme defines the appearance of windows, dialogs, buttons, and all visual elements of the user interface. By default, CLion uses the Darcula theme, unless you changed it during the first run.

The interface theme is not the same as the color scheme, which defines the colors, fonts, and syntax-highlight for various text resources: the source code, search results, and so on.

Change the UI theme

In the Settings dialog ( Ctrl+Alt+S ), select Appearance & Behavior | Appearance .

Select the UI theme from the Theme list:

IntelliJ Light : Traditional light theme for IntelliJ-based IDEs

macOS Light or Windows 10 Light : OS-specific light theme available as a bundled plugin

Darcula : Default dark theme

High contrast : Theme designed for users with color vision deficiency

Select Sync with OS to let CLion detect the current system settings and use the default dark or light theme accordingly.

It is also possible to create your own UI themes for CLion and customize the built-in themes. For more information, see IntelliJ Platform SDK Documentation.

Changing CLion's background color

I’d like to change the general background color of CLion (that is, outside of where you write code), but I have been unable to find a solution neither in the IDE itself nor online.

However, changing these colors should be possible, as switching the color theme does change them.

Here is an image of what I mean, I’ve marked the respective areas I would like to change the color of with a bright pink circled x:


Any help on where I could find these settings would be much appreciated.

EDIT: I already know where to change Fonts, text colors and the like, but I am looking specifically for the marked areas, changes for which do not appear under any of the Color Scheme Options.

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You cannot customize the colors of the main interface except for choosing the Default and Darcula themes in Appearance and Behavior — Appearance . What your and the other answer’s screenshot shows are the EDITOR color scheme settings.

You can set a background image for the whole IDE in general in that settings tab, though. Make it completely opaque, the color you like, and that might do it.

To configure colors and fonts

Press Ctrl + Alt + S or choose File | Settings (for Windows and Linux) or CLion | Preferences (for macOS) from the main menu, and then go to Editor | Font.

Select the desired scheme from the Scheme name drop-down list.

Under the Color Scheme node, define the font families used in the editor and in the console. When you open the Font page, or Console Fonts under the Color Scheme node, CLion displays the Editor Font area where you can configure the primary and secondary fonts, their size and line spacing.

enter image description here

  1. Under the Color Scheme node, open the corresponding pages to configure specific color preferences for the supported languages and CLion components.

To navigate to the relevant Colors & Fonts settings for the symbol at the caret

  1. Call Help | Find Action from the main menu (or press Ctrl + Shift + A ) and choose Jump to Colors and Fonts:

enter image description here

  1. Explore the relevant section of the Colors & Fonts settings for the symbol under the caret:

enter image description here

If you want to know more about configurations : Configuring Colors and Fonts

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CLion Color Themes

Additional color themes with C++ support for JetBrain’s CLion IDE.

Copy all *.icls files to color themes folder (e.g.

/.CLion12/config/colors) and restart CLion.

Obsidian color scheme

  • Created by @mekwall
  • Updated by @vsmejkal

Solarized Dark color scheme

  • Designed by @altercation
  • Created by @jkaving
  • Modified by @AlexJF


Additional color themes for JetBrain’s CLion IDE






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15 Best CLion Themes

CLion is one of many JetBrains products. It is a cross-platform C and C++ IDE for operating systems like Linux, macOS, and Windows integrated with the CMake build system.

It is a fact that the earlier version of this IDE supports GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) and Clang compilers and GDB debugger, LLDB and Google Test.

It is not only C and C++ you can use with CLion, other programming languages like Kotlin, Python, Rust, Swift, etc. also work well with the IDE either directly or through a plugin.

Just like any other IDEs and other families of JetBrains products, CLion offers developers with wide options to customize their editing experience.

Follow us as we give you some really nice and cool Clion themes you can consider using for CLion while you code.

1. Material Theme UI

JetBrains IDEs like CLion, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Android Studio and much more use Material Theme UI as a plugin. It gives them the appearance and feel of material design.

The designer of this theme got inspiration from Material Theme for Sublime Text.

CLion Themes

More Details

2. Gradianto

This dark theme looks cool and attractive. It appears very colorful and bright. It is a theme you should consider using as it is meant for everyone.

More Details

3. IntelliJ Light

A light theme for CLion. It’s a unified theme that supports operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux.

More Details

4. One Dark Theme

From its name you can actually deduce that it’s a dark theme. The creator of this theme got inspiration from Atom-One-Dark-Theme.

More Details

5. Dark Purple Theme

This is a dark theme with purple tones. You can consider it for your next project because of how cool and nice it appears.

More Details

6. Darcula Theme

A dark theme for CLion and other JetBrains IDEs.

More Details

7. Nord

This arctic, north-bluish theme can be used on CLion. It stands out among others because of its cleaniness and brightness.

The creator of this theme used Nord colour palette as a case study to make one for JetBrains products.

More Details

8. Visual Studio Code Dark Plus Theme

This is a dark colour theme for CLion and other fellow JetBrains IDEs. The theme is based on default Visual Studio Code “Dark Plus” theme.

More Details

9. Monokai-CLion

A dark Monokai theme for CLion, inspired by Dracula colour scheme.

More Details

10. Cyan Light Theme

This light theme in cyan tones can be used on CLion.

CLion Themes

More Details

11. Gruvbox Theme

This is bright theme with pastel “retro groove” colours and light/dark mode is very easy on the eyes. This Gruvbox theme is based on badwolf, jellybeans and solarized.

CLion Themes

More Details

12. Gray Theme

We know this as a low-contrast light theme. As it is shown in the image below, this theme make sure there’s a lot of gaps between text lines for easy readability of codes.

CLion Themes

More Details

13. Hiberbee Theme

The bright colours and dark mode of this theme make it cool and nice. The creator based the design on Monokai Pro & MacOS Mojave.

CLion Themes

More Details

14. Spacegray Theme

A dark theme that can be used on CLion. The creator of this theme got inspiration from the Spacegray theme designed by Gadzhi Kharkharov for SublimeText.

CLion Themes

More Details

15. Vuesion Theme

A dark mode theme for CLion and other JetBrains IDEs. The creator got inspiration from vue project to design this nice theme.

CLion Themes

More Details


This article has listed and explained to us some really nice themes that support CLion. Each of their respective descriptions is given to differentiate their uniqueness and provide us clue on the one we will prefer on our next project(s).

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