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Sorry this user decided to leave this group telegram как исправить

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Spam FAQ

When users press the ‘Report spam’ button in a chat, they forward these messages to our team of moderators for review. If the moderators decide that the messages deserved this, the account becomes limited temporarily.

This means that if you have been sending unwanted messages to random strangers or posting spam in groups, you lose the ability to do so.

Q: So I can't send messages anymore?

No, it's not that bad. Limited accounts can send messages to people who have their number saved as a contact. You can also always reply to anyone who messages you first.

Q: Why was I reported?

Telegram‘s username search is not a tool for making new friends. People usually don’t like it when strangers contact them — so they will report you if they find your messages annoying. Please only contact people if you're sure that they are expecting messages from you. The same applies to adding people to unwanted groups and channels. In addition to this, group admins can also report users who post spam in their groups.

Naturally, all such reports are also checked by human moderators. If the messages contain spam, the account will be temporarily limited.

Q: What can people report me for?

For private messages, it really doesn‘t matter what you send, as long as the receivers find it unwelcome. It could have been a photo, an invite link or a simple ’hello‘. Please only send messages when you are sure people won’t mind getting them.

As a general rule, people do mind getting unsolicited advertisements, links, invite links to groups or channels, random photos and, above all, anything related to commerce or online popularity. If you send them something like this, you will be blocked — and everybody else will be happy.

Moderators are more lenient when it comes to messages in groups, but anyone who sends spam or unsolicited advertisments will be limited.

Q: What do I do now?

If this happened to you for the first time (and you are not an industrial scale spammer), most likely your account will be limited for a few days or so. Please wait and consider that people want a peaceful time using our messenger.

Repeated offences will result in longer periods of being blocked. If you keep writing unwanted messages to strangers, you may lose the ability to do so forever.

Q: I read all of the above, and I‘m certain that I didn’t break any rules!

If you are sure that the limit was wrongfully applied to your account, please contact our @SpamBot.

Please forgive us for the inconvenience — even the best systems, algorithms and well-trained people can make mistakes sometimes.

Q: I know I was wrong, please release me sooner!

We're sorry, but this is impossible. We value the inner peace of Telegram users too much.

Q: I‘ve just signed up and didn’t send any messages yet, but my account is limited.

Some numbers may trigger an overly harsh response from our system, either due to their previous owners‘ activities or due to them being certain virtual/VOIP numbers. We’re sorry if this resulted in your account being limited for no reason.

If you think this is your case, please contact @SpamBot and tell it your story.

How to leave a Telegram group

How to leave a Telegram group. You have signed up for many groups on this messaging platform, but after a while you have realized that you are no longer interested in following some of them but you do not understand yet how to leave a Telegram group.

I will explain step by step how to leave a Telegram group created by others, how to leave a previously created one and what to do to remove an unwanted user from a managed group. Obviously I will show you the procedures regarding all the platforms on which Telegram is available: Android, iOS, Web and also Windows and macOS.

Table of Contents

How to leave a telegram group of others

They invited you to a group Telegram and you want to know how to get out because you don’t want to participate. No problem, in the following lines you can find the solution you are looking for.


If you are using a telephone Android You can easily leave a Telegram group by acting through the application that you have installed on your device.

To do this, launch it by pressing its icon on the home screen, locate the unwanted group on the main screen, and tap on it to view it. Then press the Group name located at the top, tap the icon (. ) at the top right.

Finally, in the context menu that appears, tap on Delete and leave the group, confirming the exit and delete operation, pressing Okay.

If you have a iPhone or iPad, you can leave an unwanted group using the Telegram app for iOS. When you leave a group, it will also be automatically removed from your app.

First of all, then launch the application in question by pressing its icon on the home screen. On the screen of the Chat, locate the unwanted group, touch it and press the i cluster cone located in the upper right corner.

Now hit Delete and exit twice in a row and that’s it!

If you prefer to use Telegram Through its web version, you will be happy to know that you can succeed in your attempt in a very simple way.

Leaving a group implies its cancellation on your devices (but not the cancellation of the group for the other participants, of course).

To continue, once you have entered the instant messaging service through its official website, locate the group to which it has been added in the left sidebar and select it, to see the conversations contained in it.

Now, click on the group name located at the top and, on the screen Group info, tap on Delete and exit that you see next to your name.

To confirm leaving the group and thus clearing the message history, press the button. Logout.


Windows / Mac OS

If you use Telegram On PC through its official client for Windows or macOS, you can try to leave a group in a very simple way. To do this, start Telegram, locate, through the left sidebar, the group to which it has been added and click on it.

Now click on the symbol (. ) you see in the upper-right corner, and in the context menu that is displayed, click the item first in Delete and exit and in Logout (o Eliminate, on macOS).

How to leave a Telegram group created

Have you created a Telegram group and, therefore, are its administrator, but now you have decided that you want to leave it? Don’t panic, I’ll explain how to do it in the following lines.

If you are the owner of a group, make sure other people have been appointed before leaving it administrator ; otherwise, the group will no longer be managed and no one will be able to add other users.


If you are using a mobile phone or a tablet Android, start by starting the Telegram application by clicking on its icon that you find on the home screen of your device or in the drawer (the section in which all the applications previously downloaded).

When the application starts, on the main screen, identify the group for which you are an administrator, touch it, press the button with the symbol (. ) located in the upper right corner and press the text Delete and leave the group you see in the context menu. To confirm the operation, click Okay, in the displayed menu.

If you are using Telegram on iOS, after launching the app, find the group you want to leave, tap on it, and then hit the group icon you see in the upper right corner.

At this point, you just need to press the button Delete and exit located at the bottom, twice in a row, and that’s it.

If you prefer to leave a Telegram group by acting from the Web, once you have logged into the platform, click Group name you see in the left sidebar.

Now, click on its name located at the top, to see the screen Group info, and then next to your name, click the wording Delete and exit. Finally, confirm the operation by clicking on the item Logout.

Windows / Mac OS

An equally simple and immediate procedure can be performed using the Telegram application for Windows and macOS: once the Telegram client has started on your PC, locate the group you are currently managing and click on it in the left sidebar.

At this point, click on the symbol (. ) located in the upper right corner and in the context menu, click the redaction Delete and exit. To confirm the exit of the group, click the button Logout ( Eliminate in macOS).

Remove a person from a group

If you are the administrator of a Telegram group, you can force a person to resign by removing them from the group. In the next chapters I will explain how to do this on all platforms where the application is available.


If you are managing a Telegram group through your mobile phone Android, start the official application of the service by clicking on its icon on the home screen or in the drawer (the section where installed applications are listed).

When the application starts, locate the group of your interest, tap on it and then tap your name at the top to see the list of members. If you want a member to leave the group, press and hold a finger on a person’s name and tap the entry Remove from group.

Once the Telegram application for iOS is started, on the other hand, identify the group you are managing and access it.

Then press the group icon located in the upper right corner, locate the Username you want to get out of the same, swipe to the right and finally press Eliminate What do you see on the screen?

Do you want to remove a person from a group and prefer to act from Telegram Web ? No problem, to do so, log into the service by connecting to its official website through a browser to browse Internet.

Once you are on the initial screen of Telegram, locate the group you are managing by consulting the list of conversations on the left sidebar. Then click on it and press Group name.

Now across the screen Group info, find the user you want to remove and click the compose Eliminate located next door

Windows / Mac OS

To remove a person from a Telegram group, you can also proceed through the application for Windows and macOS. If you’ve already downloaded it and logged in with your credentials, locate the group you’re managing and click on it on the left sidebar.

Now, press the Group name located at the top so you can see the screen Group info and the list of members. In Windows, to delete a person, click the symbol (X) located next to your name and confirm the operation by clicking on Eliminate.

En Mac OS instead, once the screen is displayed Group info, remove a user by clicking the entry first Eliminate and then pressing on the symbol negative (-) lead. Then press Done to exit the screen edition.

Как обойти блокировку Telegram

Команда Telegram опубликовала инструкцию по обходу возможной блокировки сервиса Роскомнадзором.

О намерении российских властей ограничить доступ пользователей к Telegram стало известно 23 июня. Решение объясняется отказом компании предоставить контактные данные для включения в реестр организации распространителей информации. Согласно закону «Об информации, информационных технологиях и о защите информации», такие сведения должны быть переданы в течение пяти рабочих дней — первый запрос Роскомнадзор направил разработчикам в мае. Повторно обращение адресуется спустя 15 дней, и в отсутствие положительного ответа сервис блокируется. Примечательно, что реестр по-прежнему не содержит данных о других мессенджерах, например Whatsapp и Facebook Messenger.

Помимо требований о передаче сведений, глава Роскомнадзора Александр Жаров в заочной беседе с основателем Telegram Павлом Дуровым обвинил последнего в пренебрежении безопасностью граждан и лояльности к террористам (за счет специального протокола шифрования и функции «секретных чатов» сервис, как считается, обеспечивает повышенную анонимность). Однако, по словам предпринимателя, мониторинг, напротив, указывает на активное противодействие распространению незаконного контента со стороны компании. Позднее Федеральная служба безопасности (ФСБ) России сообщила, что Telegram для координации деятельности использовали организаторы апрельского теракта в Санкт-Петербурге.

Поскольку до ограничения доступа осталось, вероятно, несколько дней, а Naked Science ведет собственный канал в Telegram, публикуем инструкцию по обходу блокировки ресурсами самого сервиса. Разработчики рекомендуют пользователям заранее включить опцию автоматических обновлений не из официального магазина, а сайта Telegram, и протокол SOCKS5. Для этого в разделе настроек необходимо переключить тип соединения с «По умолчанию (сейчас:TCP)» на «TCP socks5-прокси», ввести адрес прокси-сервера и номер порта. Данные можно получить на (для Швеции, США, Германии и Великобритании) или из бесплатного списка. После этого нужно отметить «Использовать IPv6» и сохранить изменения.

Сейчас указанные опции доступны в десктопных версиях мессенджера, в ближайшее время они появятся в мобильных приложениях. При проблемах с подключением сервиса к прокси-серверу компания советует добавить Telegram в разрешенные программы брандмауэра. В Windows это делается так: с правам администратора перейдите в «Панель управления» в раздел «Система и безопасность» и затем в «Разрешение запуска программы через брандмауэр Windows». В открывшемся окне нажмите кнопку «Изменить параметры» и ниже — «Разрешить другую программу», с помощью функции «Обзор» выберите Telegram и добавьте в список. Повторите настройку прокси-сервера в мессенджере.

Инструкция опубликована на сайте другого интернет-сервиса Павла Дурова Telegraph.

Ранее президент Украины Петр Порошенко подписал указ о блокировке на территории страны ряда российских сайтов, в том числе «Одноклассников» и «Яндекса». О способах обхода этой блокировки мы также писали.


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